Rift Valley in Kenya - Why Tourists Love It

Rift Valley in Kenya - Why Tourists Love It

The Rift Valley in Kenya homed the Masai for many centuries, and today Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha and Lake Baringo are the most popular areas tourists visit.

Many people would agree that the Rift Valley is one of the greatest valleys around. It stretches as far from the Dead Sea to Mozambique.

A rift is formed by the valley through the country's middle, beginning from Turkana which is located north, to the south where you will find Magadi. In between these two points are many lakes: Lake Bogoria, Lake Barigo, Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha and Lake Elmentaita.

Out of all these lakes the only two that are fresh water lakes are Lake Naivasha and Lake Baringo. All the other lakes are soda lakes and are fairly shallow.

Volcano Landscape

The other interesting thing to know for those people that are interested in the Valley is that dozens of volcanoes have erupted around and in the Rift Valley.

Today many of these volcanoes are extinct, but they have surely left their mark. These marks are half-submerged islands, distinctive shapes dotting the landscape, and giant calderas. The thing about the Rift Valley is that tourists will sense its power and mystery.

Rift Valley in Kenya

When you visit Africa for a safari Kenya you will be able to see the beautiful Rift Valley while driving the Nairobi Naivasha road.

It is on this same road that you will be welcomed with a very stunning view of the valley. You will then drive through the conifer forests and once through you will find yourself at an edge of a volcanic shape of the Mt Longonot that dominates the scene.

About forty-eight kilometers later, the dark-blue escarpment of the valley rises. Pay attention to the viewpoints. There are some salesmen selling souvenirs which are all made by locals with locally available materials for you to take home and enjoy for many years to come and to remind you of your amazing safari.

Rift Valley Kenya

Hippos in Lake Naivasha, Rift Valley in Kenya

You will notice that there will be enough accommodation options around the lakes Nakuru, Naivasha and Baringo, and what you will also discover is that all these accommodations are linked to tarmac roads.

Many remember these lakes for the outstanding bird life, especially the flamingoes which are also feeding in the soda lakes.

Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha can be found about 83km from Nairobi. It is the highest lake out of all the other Rift Valley lakes. Lake Naivasha is at an altitude of 1888 meters, where Lake Nairobi is at 1670 meters.

You will be able to find floating papyrus, a hippo population, varied bird life and an up-down water level. Fever trees, vineyards and horticultural farms line the shores of the lakes.

The Elsamere Conservation Trust which belongs to Joy Adamson who wrote the book, “Born to be Free” is along the banks of Lake Naivasha and it is a great to visit as well.

Visiting Crescent Island will welcome you with a yacht club where you will be able to sail and windsurf.

Fishing is popular around here and you will even find fresh-water crayfish. There are many places you could stay in the area. There are bustling hotels and catered homes. A holiday in the Rift Valley in Kenya makes it perfect for a weekend and longer if you choose. There is just so much to do. You will not be able to do it all the first time you come.

Visit Mt Longonot: find the path and make your way to the top. Be warned, though. You are in for some magnificent views!

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