National Parks in Kenya - Your Safari Experience Starts Here

National Parks in Kenya - Your Safari Experience Starts Here

There are many national parks in Kenya and when you go on safari in Kenya, you will spend much of your time there. Each park is uniquely different but they all provide visitors with exciting opportunities and adventures.

The park attractions feature comfortable and even luxurious accommodations, native foods, wildlife tours, interactions with native tribesmen and the chance to really experience the African life.

The Kakamega Forest is a Kenyan preserve with a diverse eco system of its own. BIOTA East has been involved in preserving and documenting this rainforest park for nearly a decade.

This rainforest has stunning beauty and the tree canopy is incredibly dense in many areas. This means less growth of flora at the ground level but there are hundreds of different birds and small mammals that make their home in the Kagamega Forest. This area is where you will also find more dangerous creatures such as the Black Mamba and Kakamega Forest Cobra.

Masai Mara

The Masai Mara National Park and Game Reserve is part of the beautiful Serengeti plains. This region is known for its amazing amount of native wildlife. People come here from all over the world just to get a close up view of leopards, lions, cheetahs or wildebeest.

This is the place where you can float over the Serengeti courtesy of a hot air balloon, or position yourself for perfect viewing of the yearly wildebeest migration. This park is extensively covered elsewhere on this web site.

Amboseli National Park

Amboseli is a national park in Kenya shared with Tanzania, and is just slightly to the northwest of towering Mount Kilimanjaro. A tour of the park can be done in as little as one weekend, but it would take much longer to experience all that it has to offer. Read more here.

Lake Nakuru

This is a lovely Kenyan attraction that has been designated as a National Park for 41 years. The lake itself is very shallow and it is surrounded by marshes, grasslands, acacia filled woodlands and a series of hills and cliffs.

Wildlife in national park in Kenya

There are 3 wildlife viewing locations that are superb. If you want to find a prime place to go and look for wildlife you must try "Out of Africa", "Baboon Cliff" and spectacular "Lion Hill". Bird enthusiastists will love this region because Lake Nakuru was first established as an avian sanctuary and today it is home to nearly 500 bird species.

Nairobi National Park

Of all the national parks in Kenya, this is the one that you can do in one day! Read more here.

Aberdares National Park

This park set in the Aberdares mountain range and because of this, the climate is cooler and more comfortable than some of the other national parks in Kenya. Here is where you can venture into some of the most dense woodland forests in the country. There are antelopes and monkeys living in the forest. You will also enjoy viewing the trout streams and amazing waterfalls that are found in this region.

If you want to live "the wildlife experience" you can reserve your room accommodations in the Ark or the Treetops. These are referred to as the "treehouses" and they make hotel life a real adventure.

These buildings are near some salt licks and natural waterholes and you can view the native wildlife from your room window or door. If a lion, hyena or a beautiful leopard is spotted in the vicinity a bell is rung for the guests and this method ensures that you will not miss any truly great animal viewing opportunity.

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