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Impala in Nairobi National Park in Kenya

The Nairobi National Park has it all: wildlife, wilderness AND accessibility. When looking to go on safari in Kenya and to explore all of the different options and things to see, you will want to go and explore this national park in order to be able to feel and understand one of the greatest wildlife preserves available.

One of the best parts of this wildlife park is the fact that it is so close to the city center that one is able to get to it and enjoy everything without having to take a half day car ride in order to just get there and not be able to enjoy the whole thing.

In addition to the close proximity to Nairobi, the park is only 45 square miles, which makes it easy to be able to see and take in all that it has to offer in one day as opposed to making multiple trips there while one is on vacation.

The park itself is primarily made up of grasslands or savannah with occasional acacia bush clusters. It has an occasional steep valley and a river that runs through. It also only has fencing on the Nairobi side of the park so as to allow for migration of the animals and to allow the animals as much freedom as possible as they come and go on the property.

There are almost all of the main animals that are known in Africa to frequent this park.

Giraffe in Nairobi National Park

These include the rhino, zebra, hippo and giraffe. There is even the black rhino that frequents the wildlife park. The only animal that is native to Africa that does not frequent the Nairobi National Park is the elephant.

Since each animal has its own migration pattern, you are unlikely to see the same mix of animals throughout the year at the park. The different seasons will determine the group that will be there.

In the park, there are various walking trails as well as trails around the hippo pools for one to explore.

There is also a monument of burned ivory in protest of poachers. There is also a tower in the property to allow for a different vantage point of the park and to provide a new perspective. There is also an animal orphanage that one can visit.

The price to enter the park is $40 for adults and $20 for children in US dollars. However, with this you can purchase a smart card which would allow access to all of the wildlife parks in the region.

If you need to fill up before the trip, there is an upscale restaurant at the entrance of Nairobi National Park called Rangers that gives you an amazing opportunity to dine upclose with a spectacular view of wild animals. What an amazing way to start a safari!

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