Here Is Your Mombasa Kenya Travel Guide

Your Mombasa Kenya Travel Guide

Mombasa, Kenya is a coastal city that is one of the major tourist destinations in Africa. One of the main reasons for this is the wonderful beaches that feature in the area.

Tourists love beaches; whether they want to swim all day or sit in the sand and soak up the sun, they seem to go where the beaches are beautiful, and this is one of the many places in Africa where the beaches are phenomenal.

Mombasa is the second biggest city within Kenya. It is situated on the Eastern coastline of Kenya and it borders the beautiful Indian Ocean.

Another reason why this city has become so popular and hundreds of people come from all over the world to see it is because of the varied marine life, friendly inhabitants, game park safaris and well known hotels.

Indian Ocean

The great thing about the beaches in Mombasa, Kenya is that the warm Indian Ocean caters for all of its visitors; if you want to have a nice warm yet refreshing swim, a nice place for the kids to play, or if you want to go deep-sea fishing or enjoy some water sports with your friends or family members, you can do just that.

Scuba diving and sailing are also some popular activities that take place in the city.

There are so many beachfront hotels for visitors to stay in; this is what makes Mombasa the perfect holiday destination for you.

Beach in Mombasa, Kenya

The cultural history of this wonderful city traces some of its traditions of culture back to former British, Portuguese and Arab settlers, and all of these traditions have left their own influences on the people of the city, as well as the architecture, food and entertainment the city offers.

Within your vacation plan you should have camping trips, town tours and definitely game park safaris if you wish to experience Mombasa to its fullest. There is so much to do. You won't get it done all in one trip, so you will have to come back again to visit the places you never had time for!

Fort Jesus

The most popular attraction in the city of Mombasa in Kenya would be Fort Jesus. This is a fort that is situated right along the coastline and can be found close to the Old Town. It was constructed in the 16th century, and many people travel to the city just to see the Fort. The Fort Jesus Museum has extensive artifacts to view including a vast pottery collection, military weaponry and a historical old town to visit.

On the north coast of the city you will find the Hindu Temples. Also popular to visitors are the Mombasa Tusks and the Old Town itself, and within the wildlife there is the Mamba Village and Haller Park.

There is no doubt that Mombasa offers one of the greatest beaches in Africa - with the cleanest white golden sand and the crispest blue/green water, you wouldn't want to be anywhere else when you see these beaches.

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