Map of Kenya - Your Helping Hand

Do you need a map of Kenya when going on safari? It depends on how you travel. You certainly can't do without if you travel alone and in any case, it's handy to have one when you're in Africa.

Below is a useful interactive map which has several benefits. But first have a look...

It's several maps in one really. If you view this map for the first time, you will probably see Kenya in the center. You can zoom in and out, using the + and the -, and the more you zoom in, the more names and details will appear.

But you can also see how Kenya looks from above in reality. Just click the Sat button at the top right. Amazing, isn't it?

There's also a Ter button which will show you the terrain.

You found what you were looking for? Use the print function of your browser and you can take (your selection of) this map with you when you go on safari in Kenya.

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