Ready For A Kenyan Safari? But... What Type Of Safari?

Ready For A Kenyan Safari? But... What Type Of Safari?

The best way to experience Africa is on a Kenyan safari. Kenya is home to a rich variety of wildlife and traditional tribal villages. Choosing to go on safari means you will experience the Kenyan culture first hand, as well as coming into contact with all kinds of African wildlife.

There are several important considerations you should make before organizing your safari in Kenya. Location is of vital importance. Make sure you do you research about the kinds of animals in the area or National Park and accessibility. A walking safari might not be possible in some National Parks, for example.

Undoubtedly, the very best way to experience Kenya is on foot. A walking safari allows you to live as part of the African wilderness and get up close and personal with the wildlife. Not for the faint hearted, a walking safari is led by an expert guide and either puts up camp or uses lodges and campsites as stopping points each night.

Kenyan safari - You can meet these if you are lucky

The variety in tours depends greatly on your desires.If you want a comfortable night's sleep and room service, choose a safari that is based along a route of luxury resorts and hotels.

Although this makes a great vacation, if you're interests lie in sightings of the rarer wildlife and experiencing the real Africa, a basic bush camp safari is more up your street.

Mobile safaris are very popular in Kenya. The use of vehicles means covering much more ground each day, as well as staying safe from wild animals. Again, these safaris have many variations. Some set out from the same resort or lodge each day, others stop at different pit stops each evening.

You can even choose to make your safari journey by air or water. Canoeing is a fantastic way to see the African wildlife and stay cool at the same time. Traveling by plane or balloon is obviously not quite the same experience as being on the ground. However, seeing Kenya from a bird's eye view is pretty spectacular!

If you are really wild at heart, you might consider traveling alone.

Antelopes in Kenya It takes much more experience and time to organize your own safari, however it allows you maximum flexibility. One thing you won't have on your own safari is a professional guide.

Why not compromise and opt for a private safari, with just one or two people and a Kenyan safari guide. There's no better way to focus on the animals you really want to see and to have the full attention of a professional.

Before planning your Kenyan safari, prioritize your reasons for going on safari and choose the correct journey accordingly.

Think carefully about the kind of experience you desire and expect from a safari. Remember that luxury comes at a price. A basic walking safari gets you closer to nature and is cheaper than a safari experience that is more about the swimming pool than the outings.

Whichever type of safari you choose, take plenty of sun cream and enjoy the Kenyan experience!

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