Kenya People And Our Rich Culture

Kenya people

The Kenya people are rich in culture as they are in their diversity. This country on the continent of Africa has many different people groups that live there.

These people however have retained their cultural identity throughout the years. The Kenyan people have many customs and practices that they have kept over many years and still practice them today.

The Kenya people have many different tribes that coexist with each other throughout the country. There are over 70 some different tribes depending on which way you count them. Mainly this is done by language, but there are however different tribes that will speak the same language or dialect.

The majorities of the people in Kenya are bilingual and can speak two or more languages.

The tribes and groups of people in Kenya can usually be categorized in three different groups:

  • The Bantus peoples
  • the Cushitic peoples
  • and the Nilotic peoples

The Nilotic make up more than half of the population. These different tribes and groups can differ from each other greatly but can also be similar. Customs, language, religion and traditions all play a part in the colorful diversity that is the Kenyan people.

Kenya people - Turkana girl with child There are also a number of non-Africans that live in Kenya, and these people usually are Arabs, Europeans, Asians and others.

Mainly they are in Kenya for business and/or work and do not make up a significant part of the population.


A majority of Kenyan people have adopted a somewhat semi western lifestyle and worldview.

While the other peoples of Kenya stick to living in traditional ways outside of the cities. They live in villages across the country or live a nomadic lifestyle depending on that specific group.

Languages And Dialects

The many different dialects and languages that are used in Kenya can be of a very wide variety.

Swahili is the official language of Kenya with English as its secondary language.

Most of the Kenyan people are bilingual and can speak Swahili, English and other dialects. Many of the tribes that inhabit Kenya have their own dialect or spoke another language entirely.


The Kenyan people are also a very religious and spiritual with many faiths all over the country.

The dominant religion in Kenya is Christianity with its various denominations, Muslim, and a mix of tribal animism that is practiced by those who tend to stick to the more traditional roots of their heritage.

The Kenyan people are many, diverse and are a very great host to visitors. They are rich in their culture and in their identity. They are a great people who welcome visitors to their homeland.

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