The Best Kenya Beaches To Enjoy Your Vacation

Kenya beaches - Diani beach, Mombasa

All of the Kenya beaches are open to the public. There are a variety of activities that are available at each location.

With more than 500 km of sandy shoreline to enjoy, there is little wonder why these are so appealing to everyone who have made Kenya their vacation destination.

When you travel south of Mombasa, you have your choice of Shelley Beach, Diani Beach, and Tiwi Beach to visit.

North of Mombassa is where you will find Nyali, Bamburi, Kenyatta, and Shanzu Beaches.

Diani Beach

This is a popular choice and is considered the busiest and most exciting of all the Kenya beaches.

Here you can find resorts, beachfront hotels and a wide variety of fun activities including camel riding, sailing, and scuba diving. If you want to check out the ocean reef, it only takes a 10-minute boat ride to reach it.

Diani is a place where hustle and bustle is ongoing, and it offers you the convenience of being close to many of Kenya's national preserves and other top attractions.

The Sands at Nomad and the Alliance Africana Sea Lodge are both places that provide very comfortable lodging accommodations. Security is excellent and there are watchful guards posted along the shoreline and at the hotels.

Tiwi Beach

The only major lodging choice at this location is the Tiwi Beach Resort. There are also a few small cottages where tourists can stay and enjoy the water.

If you are searching for a place to unwind that is quiet and secluded, this may be your best bet. There are some great places to swim, and local residents often stop by the resort to offer fresh food for sale.

There are private guards posted at all of the cottages as well as the resort, however it is still best if you do not venture out unaccompanied.

Shelly Beach

You reach this stretch of beachfront property by traveling first on the Likoni ferry and then by bus.

Kenya beaches

The biggest draw could be the shells that wash up onto the shore. Even though swimming is possible, there is a lot of seaweed to contend with.

Nyali Beach

Many of the best North Coast ocean front hotels can be found on this beach. There is also a large, modern shopping center located nearby that includes an internet café.

Kite surfing, swimming, and boating are all sports you can enjoy when you visit this Kenya beach.

Bamburi Beach

This northern beach is popular because there are nightclubs, excellent restaurants and modern, luxury hotels available.

Guests can enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, and other water sports. For the truly adventurous, there are also camel rides that are available.

Kenyatta Beach

This is the beach where you will find Kenyans enjoying the sun and surf along with groups of tourists.

Kenyatta is a family oriented setting and you will find plenty of vendors hawking cold ice cream treats, sodas, and other snacks.

Sailing trips and water sports are popular activities at this location.

Shanzu Beach

This beach is home to many luxury resorts that are part of the African Safari Club.

There is a theme park that you can visit that is called Ngomongo Villages. The park is supposed to show native Kenyan life. It is an enjoyable experience and very interactive.

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