Nairobi Travel Guide - Welcome to the Capital of Kenya

Nairobi Travel Guide - Welcome to the Capital of Kenya

The capital of Kenya, Nairobi, is a great African destination for any traveler to consider. There are a number of people who stop in the city because it is a main hub for air flight, but they often miss the adventures because their stay is very brief.

If you have a safari in Kenya planned, or if you have been wondering how to make your African trip even more special then you should browse through some of these Nairobi facts and features.

If you are searching for one of the more cosmopolitan places in Kenya then Nairobi is definitely the place to go. In addition to being a large, modern setting there are plenty of nightclubs, shops and restaurants for you to enjoy. The people who live in Nairobi welcome visitors and they are anxious to help if they can.

Nairobi Tours

A Nairobi tour can be arranged prior to your trip and you will have a ready itinerary of all of the places to see in the capital of Kenya. You can go online and find booking agents that will be happy to assist you. In this African city most of the guided tours will be conducted in groups and you will ride in small vans or shuttle buses. These compact shuttles are also known as matatu and they are a fun way to travel about the town.

If you want a personal tour guide, or even a walking tour of some of the city's best sights you can find these available as well.

What to See

The capital of Kenya is a fascinating and eclectic blend of cultures and styles. There is the Giraffe Center,the Arboretum and the City Market that are all attractions certain to delight any visitor.

You may wish to visit former home of the author of "Out of Africa", Karen Blixen. This home has now been given to the government of Kenya by the Danish people, and subsequently turned into a museum (see photo).

A visit to the city's well respected center, The Bomas of Kenya, will provide you with a chance to see some fine live culturally rich entertainment.

If you want a scenic day trip then consider setting out to see Olorgesailie in the Rift Valley. This is the name of a geological formation site in the eastern part of Kenya which is thought to be about half a million years old.

Karen Blixen's House in Nairobi

Casinos are also available at the Intercontinental Hotel and also the Safari Park Hotel for people who enjoy "pressing their luck".

The National Museum of Kenya offers a chance to learn more about the history and culture of Kenya through art. Plan a trip to the Panari Sky Centre, the large shopping mall, hotel and cinema is also home to the largest ice skating rink in all of Africa.

The Nairobi National Park

Just outside the city is a place where you can go on a real wildlife safari. The Nairobi National Park can easily be reached with just a short drive, and if you do not have a tour already arranged you can arrange for a cab to take you there. Although this game reserve does not have any elephants on the premises it does have impalas, giraffes, lions, hyenas and even the more elusive rhinos.

Accommodations in Nairobi, Kenya

There is vast range of accommodations in the capital of Kenya to suit the needs of the discerning traveller who is visiting the country to have the time of their lives and experience the magic of a Kenyan safari. There are comfortable and affordable hotels for all kinds of budgets .

Here are just a few of the accommodations from which you can select.

  • The Grand Regency Hotel
  • Norfolk Hotel Nairobi
  • The Hilton Hotel Nairobi Kenya
  • Hotel Kipepo
  • Hillpark Hotel
  • Sarova Stanley Hotel

Additional Tips

  • Use the same safety and travel precautions when visiting this city that you would use in any other large city.
  • Always protect your passport, visa and money whenever you are traveling.
  • Nairobi is a great place to designate as your personal travel hub because it is so conveniently located.
  • If you need assistance Nairobi has guards, or "askaris", to help you.
  • There are two city airports the Wilson Airport which handles local and domestic flights and the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.
  • Train travel in the capital of Kenya is an adventure in itself and it is very inexpensive.

Health Facts

You must be current on all required immunizations. Although some of these preventative shots are not required by Kenya they are still necessary if you plan to visit other African regions.

To prevent the chance of developing a transmittable disease you will want to receive vaccinations against Hepatitis, Tetanus, Typhoid and Yellow Fever. It is also very helpful to have malaria medication with you at all times. Keep yourself protected from mosquitoes during your visit to Kenya. Always wear long pants and shirts that have long sleeves as much as possible. Some people will take pills designed to prevent malaria when they visit this country.

Mosquito repellent with DEET and mosquito nets for sleeping are essential items to have in your travel kit.

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Uhuru Gardens Nairobi downtown