Your Safari In Kenya - The Time Of Your Life

Your safari in Kenya - the time of your life

What is more exciting than a safari in Kenya? Nothing, and that's the plain truth. If you have "been there-done that" you will never forget your Kenya safari experience and will definitely keep it in your heart as one of your life's most precious moments.

Hi and welcome to my site!

My name is Florence. I was born in Kenya and thus have seen my country's endless wilderness and fascinating animals with my very own eyes. And like so many others, I know that here you can experience nature at its very best!

Throughout the years I have met many tourists who went on safari in Kenya and they cannot get enough of seeing nature at its best and thats why they keep coming back for more. Trust me, one trip is not enough, however, this website will highlight some of the must see attractions and places to visit to make your trip more rewarding and fulfilling.

A vast majority of the tourists come here to enjoy the national parks and nature reserves and not one ever got disappointed. However...

Your safari in Kenya - the time of your lifeIf you want to make the most out of your trip, you can't do without some expert guidance... and this is why this website is packed with lots of useful information.

In fact, there is so much to see here that it is easy to miss the best spots and that is why tells you which parks and reserves are the most attractive and what animals you can see, and how you can combine a memorable tour with equally interesting cultural outings or even a relaxing beach vacation.

Kenya is also an exceptional birding destination with so many species found within short distance.... Again, it's my aim to tell you about it.

This site will help you to enjoy my beautiful African homeland even if you travel on a shoestring.

A safari in Kenya is often expensive, but more budget-minded tourists can spend an exceptional time here in the wild as well.

By the way, if you have already been there, feel free to submit your own safari experience. I love to hear your story or receive great suggestions.

Enough said! Time to start reading and or packing.........!!

Have a truly magical and unforgettable trip!

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